Other Hosting Providers


Pay for unused or nonsensical items. For example, it's impossible to use up unlimited email accounts given few hundred MB space.

For SOHO, pay for what you need only and affordably.

For SME, pay a low and fixed amount.

Services Uptime


Google has best technology and engineers to ensure high uptime of Google Apps.

Website Disk Space

A few hundred MB to few GB. This is small by today's standard.

50GB - 500GB

Email Storage

A few hundred MB to few GB per DOMAIN shared by all employees. This is small by today's standard.


Once quota exceeded

All users cannot use email. Either do housekeeping or pay to upgrades.

Hardly, due to big mailbox storage

Monthly data transfer limit

Usually a few GB monthly. Once exceeded,
1. email service become slow, or
2. email service stopped, or
3. pay to upgrade

Unlimited for Google Gmail

Anti-spam & Anti-virus

None or poor

Great. All Gmail users know this :)

Built-in Chat


Email and FREE sms reminder

Online Doc, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Form

Website creation
(Public or Private)

Mobile access

Features rich and user-friendly

Sync with Outlook and Mobile phone

Sync your email, contacts and calender between Google apps, Outlook and mobile phone. Push supported.


Learning portal is provided.

We proactively and constantly show users how to use Google Apps innovative features to their benefits.

Privacy and Security

SAS 70 Type II compliant
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Privacy Policy enforcement
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Customised protection technology and
External independent security audit
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Google Apps users

Google :"More than two million businesses run Google Apps, thousands more sign up every day!"

Government of City of Los Angeles to Big Corporations like Genetech and to Open University Malaysia (OUM) has been using Google Apps !


For first 6 months of 2010, Google rolled out over 50 new features for Google Apps. Google will never stop to innovate!